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Our Program


Grand Ave Children's Centre is a licensed childcare 提供给三个月到四周岁的儿童服务。我们是在教育局的管辖内的执照儿童中心。我们提供全职以及兼职的学位并遵循教育局规定的教师儿童比例。(婴儿1:3,学步期儿童 1:5, 学龄前儿童 1:8)。我们是一家规模小并且注重家庭的学校,所以我们一直尽最大的努力为孩子提供最好的成长经历。 伴随着我们孩子的老师都是有教学经验以及教师资格证的教师。


At GACC, we aim to develop and foster children’s learning through a nurturing and safe environment. Our curriculum is play based with Reggio Emelia's emergent education theory. Our skilled and creative teachers develop a framework and work with the children's current interest and goals to create fun and stimulating activities. It's our goal that the activities are not only engaging but also incorporate opportunities for your children to develop their fine and gross motor skills as well as self-care skills.  Our field trips (e.g, Apple Land Station, local splash pads, picnics in Thames Park, Children's mueseum, Adventures on Wonderland, London Public Libraries, Kusterman's, etc) align with our curriculum and are wonderful experiences for the children. Who doesn't like a school bus ride or a walk to the park on a summer day?


Our Settings and ratios:

Infant Program (3 Months-18 Months): 1:3

Toddler Program (18 Months- 2.5 years): 1:5

Preschooler room (2.5 years- School Age): 1:8


For our curriculum, we have included the following features:


  • Sensorial Activities (知觉感觉能力提升活动)

  • Mathematic Activities (数学数字活动)

  • Language Activities (语言表达活动)

  • Cultural Activities (多文化交流活动)

  • Physical/Outdoor Activities (身体/户外健康活动)

  • Field trip Experiences (春游秋游活动)

  • Loose Part Materials (松动部件游戏的活动材料)

  • Paly-based Environment (以玩为基础的成长环境)

  • Intergeneration Programs with Child-Senior Interaction (跨年代交流,老年和儿童互相交流的活动)

Intergenerational Program:

Our curriculum integrated a unique intergenerational program that brings different generations together to share experiences in a co-learning environment. Our program integrated music curriculum and movement that collaborated with “CLAP with Clarie”, which is offered weekly. Arts and crafts activities are offered weekly, and we also have social development activities offered monthly. As building relationships with different generations, children learn to explore their world, and this connection can be meaningful as children can create a sense of community belonging and improve social awareness.


Family Engagement Event:

We view family engagement is a crucial component to the success of a child’s development. To support children’s learning, we encourage parents to be involved in children’s learning process. GACC holds 4 family engagement events every year, which allow parents to participate in the center through building network with other families, learning our curriculum and establishing a positive relationship with the teachers.

Our Setting:

We are very pleased to partner with the Grand Wood Park Apartments and Retirement Home to offer a multi-generational arts program for our preschoolers. As well, Grand Wood Park hosts a monthly Senior Social which brings the young and old together to enjoy treats and chats. It’s a wonderful learning experience for both groups!


We have an on-site, full-time cook who is known for her freshly baked zucchini loaf and big hugs. Christina is focused on providing healthful snacks and warm lunches for the children everyday.


At Grand Avenue Children’s Centre, we strive to build relationships with our children and their families. To help foster this sense of community and to show off the children’s performance skills, we host two family events a year: the Christmas Concert (with a special visit from a jolly Santa and gifts for all children!), and our newest event The Spring Fling with scavenger hunts, crafts and activities. Parent participation is encouraged.

Our Board Members are always looking for new ways to improve the centre, this has included fundraising to allow for more field trips, adding a fresh coat of paint to the kitchen and helping “Spring Clean” the yard. These initiatives have been great opportunities for our families to get to know each other and help build the sense of community our centre is dedicated to achieving. We also ask for parent volunteers for all field trips. It’s a fun way to see your child interacting with his/her school friends and creates wonderful family memories.





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